Black Ops Hypnosis: Steering the Conversation

Monday, February 22, 2010
Black ops hypnosis is one of the coolest, sneakiest covert hypnosis techniques which were ever developed. We are quite familiar with overt hypnosis, it's the one in which the subject is put in a trance for entertaining or medical purposes. The thing is the subject has to agree and accept to be hypnotized to work. The beauty of covert hypnosis is that you are not putting the person in to a trance and they don't have to accept, actually they won't even notice it will take only a second or two for you to add the command and the conversation will be back to normal and nobody will notice a thing. Funny thing is that if you ever get caught using black ops hypnosis the worst and I mean the worst reaction what you will get is laughter or smiling.

Many people ask the question “How frequently are we hypnotized?”, it's not an easy one to answer and also it depends on many things. For example a person who is a TV watcher is hypnotized on a daily basis through commercials. Also when you go to purchase something salesman are willingly or unwillingly hypnotizing you. The most notorious from them all who use covert or even black ops hypnosis are car dealers and real estate agents. And also some famous politicians were accused of using mass hypnosis. One the most successful was Hitler, he managed to put his entire nation under hypnosis. So yes it is that powerful if it's used by that sort of a man.

One of the most fun ways to apply black ops hypnosis is steering conversation. It all happened to us once or twice in our office environment when there's that famous asshole colleague of ours who always makes remarks when we are late for work. We can't sneak by him, we can ignore him and that would be one of our worst choices because we are feeding his ego to do it again and again because he can get away with it. Also if we go full defense we will be the ones considered bad guys. If ignoring or defending won't work what should we do? use black ops hypnosis and steer the conversation where you want it to go, the main principle is to kill him with kindness.

OK now let's do an action replay for this event, your arriving late and he calls you out like, “late again? …” and so on. How to counter it is quite simple say something nice about him, like “your presentation last time was amazing, you completely nailed it, great job”. All you have to do is to be confident and cool black ops hypnosis is simple as that. You have to steer the conversation and you can't fight negativity with negativity cause you will loose simple as that. Now after your comment he might be in shock so this is the perfect opportunity for coupe de grace (mercy blow). Make the situation awkward as possible, for him of course. Call his name and say the following, “Name, dunno about you but the first thing what popped in to my mind was the great presentation, and for you is that I'm late?”. And this is the one of the main principles of black ops hypnosis.

You see it's that easy and simple to use. Black ops hypnosis is fun and really cool to use in every day life. I bet you can see the possibilities on where you can implement these ideas.